About Us

1 Minute Unsecured Loans is a premier loan service provider that specializes in helping people borrow various types of unsecured loans, all tailored to suit your definite needs.

Streamlined enough to meet your cash emergencies, the loan process gets initiated the moment we receive your application. All the personal details that you provide while making the online request will be kept highly confidential. The application process is free of charge, and you do not have to make any payment, no matter if your request is accepted or not. Driven by the desire to deliver the best possible service, we assure you fast and no-hassle finance.

We at 1 Minute Unsecured Loans realize that financial emergencies can strike anyone any time and that is exactly why we always keep our doors open for you. Our online application process is fast, simple and safe. We never leave a stone unturned in our attempt to provide superior customer service to meet each of your needs, by offering loan deals that best suits your budget.

Friendly and flexible in our approach, we always ensure that the required amount reach your hands, before you even realize it. For every need of yours, we come out with a perfect solution.

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